Vedat Gashi: A commonsense Democrat who will deliver.

A commonsense Democrat who will deliver.

Vedat Gashi is an attorney and Westchester County legislator. Vedat came here as a refugee from a country without democracy. He says inflation, January 6, mass shootings, and the recent abortion ruling show our own democracy is at a crossroads. He will work with anyone, especially President Biden, to get things done.

As a Westchester County legislator, he built support for expanding services while cutting taxes. Gashi is a commonsense Democrat running to take action at a very uncommon and risky time.

In the August 23 Democratic primary, the choice is clear.


VEDAT WILL ALWAYS FUND the police and provide better training. His gun safety law has been applauded by the gun safety community.(1)

BOWMAN LED THE CALL TO DEFUND the police rather than delivering safer streets.(4)


Vedat will work with President Biden to stand up for our communities and implement our Democratic priorities.(2)

Bowman spent more time fighting Biden than Trump Republicans. Bowman is one of only six Democrats to vote against Biden’s infrastructure bill and did not support the bill to fortify the Capitol after the January 6 insurrection.(5)


Vedat will always stand with Israel and support Ukraine. He is a strong supporter of the Abraham Accords to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, and Vedat adamantly opposes the Nakba resolution, which calls the creation of Israel a “catastrophe.”(3)

Bowman turned his back on Israel, withdrawing his support for pro-Israel legislation, and he voted against military aid for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.(6)

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